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Ahad, 21 April 2013


You Tube - 'Make it a habit, from tonight'
Night Prayer -Ash-Shinqitee   

Sebilangan di kalangan kita, termasuk saya, sangat-sangatlah susah ' mendirikan solat malam'. Kita mungkin mengangguk-nganggukan kepala dan menyebut ' masya Allah' apabila Ustaz yang mengajar di masjid/surau menyataakan kelebihan ' mendirikan solat malam'. Namun, setakat itu sahaja. Kita tidak juga ' mendirikan solat malam'. Kita tidur sepanjang malam.

Kita yang lemah memerlukan sahabat untuk mengingatkan apabila kita leka dan sedikit tersasar. Kita akan 'diinject' semangat yang lebih segar oleh seorang sahabat atau orang-orang baik di sekeliling kita.   

Mungkin sahabat baharu ( video ini ) kita ini dapat melonjakkan semangat untuk mendirikan solat malam mulai malam ini juga!  

Cabutan beberapa teks penting dari rakaman video di atas:

The successful person makes a habit for himself that after Ishaa’ prayer he does not hang around with anyone (specially) if he cannot get up for night prayer.

He goes to his house and opens the book of Allah, wherever Allah will, then prays Witr and sleep.He makes this habit for himself and he will see how much good he achieves.

By Allah it’s sad to see a person going home after Isyaa’ prayer and as soon as he reaches home, he eats dinner and sleeps.

So if he talks to himself about night prayer, he comes with hundred excuses: that he is tired, and that he can’t….and that ….and that

But at the very moment if a guest or a friend comes he will sit and talk until midnight. The friend will tell him, “ I have been a burden on you” and he will say “ No, by Allah , you brought happiness to me, by Allah I don’t want you to leave, it’s really sad.”

He is belittling to stand before Allah, he sees it as form of loss to read the book of Allah; dryness between us and Qur’an.

By Allah if iman was firm in the slave’s heart, he would’ve seen the comfort in the speech and book of Allah is greater than anyone else.

The speech of Allah, the Quran in which if you perceive it Allah will remove your concerns and distresses, and will pay off your debts and will appoint you out of hardship, and there will be a relief for you from any grief.

You will find him sitting with people and staying up till midnight for events, while he is tired and exhausted, not complain about anything!

But if you ask him to pray two Rak’ah of night prayer, Yawm- al – Qiyamah starts then!

But the deprived is the deprived (from mercy of Allah). By Allah, it will come upon the slave of the day in which will cry the cry of regret that has no regret beyond it.

How many people wish to pray night prayers but cannot because of illness, and how many people want to pray but cannot because of work.

And how many and many…But Allah has given you the health, well being and security.

People in the desert that cannot find water except wit difficulty, one travels long distances in order to secure the water  that he will perform ablution with for night prayer .

But water is poured on your head in your room! And during extreme cold it comes you to hot, and in extreme heat it comes you will find it cold because of air-condition.

Where are we from the blessing of Allah? (….) What are they sleeping through?They’re sleeping through great blessings .

…….After Ishaa’ prayer, close the door of your home: enough taking pleasure in this world from morning until Ishaa’ – sitting in gatherings and talking.

Let these few moments or hours be for your hereafter, that is if the person does not trust himself to wake up at the end of the night. Make this a habit for yourself, by Allah you will find blessings and goodness. 

Nota : Sila ikuti video hingga akhir jika ingin mendapatkan teks penuh.

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